Investment and business consulting 

Investment and Start Up projects 

The international cooperation 

List of projects for investment:
-Mining of useful minerals in Madagascar
-The project for growing aquaculture in Madagascar
-Project in the field of logistics and production on the Canary Islands. Spain.
-Project in the region of car washes in Lithuania
-Project in the area of ​​real estate in Vilnius (LT).
-Series of projects and liquid real estate in Riga.(LV)
-Creation of a trading company, warehouse service, packaging of products. (Spain).
- Creation of an Agroholding, production of fruits and vegetables using hydroponics. (Spain).
The first phase of the project has begun.
- Organization of business in the field of IT (Lithuania), outsourcing (Ukraine).
- Purchase (sale) of diesel fuel.
- Project for the construction of 12 cottages in Alicante.
- Factory for smoking fish products, ready-made business (Spain)
- Organization of an HR company in the EU.
-Creation of a transport company in the EU.
- Construction of a port (Ukraine, Odessa).
- Purchase or joint operation of logistics terminals. (Lithuania).
- Sale of a health complex on the coast (Ukraine, Odessa).
- Unique international B2B information project TRANSMARKET. Catalog of transport companies in the world, cargo transportation services.
-International investment platform project.
- Projects in the field of housing construction.
- Creation of an international agency in the field of investment consulting in the EU.
- EU yacht marina construction project.
-Project for the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables with further export to Europe.
-Technological (IT project in the field of accounting services.
( Switzerland)
- Organization of waste processing production in Bulgaria, Qatar.
- Organization of business in the field of solar energy. (EC)
- Project for the production of food products for diabetics (SWIIS).
- Project for the production of plastic pallets (Italy).
- Construction of a cottage village on the island of Madagascar.
- Construction of a golf club and yacht marina on the coast (Tenerife - Spain). - IT business organization project (EC)
- Business development in the field of half-timbered houses (Ukraine - EU).
-Sale of a penthouse in an elite complex on the coast (Dominican Republic). - Eco-village project in Montenegro.
Land plot with cottages available.
-Sale of a ready-made business
-Vineyards (Spain) -Sale of hotel complex (Alicante)
-Sale of shopping center (Alicante)
-Infrastructure projects in Iraq.
-Infrastructure projects in Cambodia.

-The project in the area of ​​aquaculture and trout cultivation in Latvia.
-Projects in the area of ​​energy, generators, accumulators and large-capacity accumulators.
-Project in the area of ​​solar energy in Lithuania.
-Project in the region of production of payment terminals in Ukraine.
-Project in the region of rent of real estate in London and the region.
-The project in the area of ​​the game industry and blockchain.
- Construction of a cottage eco-village in Lithuania.
- Construction of an oil refinery.
- Organization of a trading company.
- Organization of a construction company.
- Construction of an oil refinery.
- Project for the construction of luxury cottages on the coast (Canary Islands) Spain.
- Creation of an international investment B2B platform.
- Sale of a hotel in Odessa.
- Concession for 50 years of a land plot of 3 hectares for projects in the port (Tenerife island).
- Creation of an international real estate agency.
- Creation of a network international investment consulting agency (Europe).
-Creation of a B2B investment platform.
- Project for the construction of a bakery products factory (Europe, CIS).
- Purchase of vineyards and development of winemaking. (Spain).
-Project for the construction of a container electronics market (Dominican Republic).
- Project for the construction of a SPA hotel on a private island (Panama).
- Purchase of an existing hotel in the center of Panama.
- Creation of joint production of wooden houses and construction of eco-villages (Ukraine, Lithuania, EU countries).
- Creation of an Internet project in the field of recruiting IT specialists.
- Project in the field of export and production of honey products.
( Ukraine ).
- Plant for the production of birch sap and baby food. (Lithuania)
- Water production and bottling plant. (Lithuania)
- Plant for the production of food additives from insects (Lithuania).
- Start Up in the field of gaming technologies (Ukraine).
- Project for the construction of a modern business center (Vilnius). Readiness is 100%.
-Project of a cottage village (construction has begun) (Lithuania).
- Business expansion project, search for potential partners
- Afrika, other countries (apple export) Manufacturer - Ukraine.
-Project to expand product exports. Search for partners in the EU,
Africa and other countries. (chicken, eggs, etc.)
Producer Ukraine.

Partner services:

- Transport and international cargo transportation.
- Fleet management.
- Freight forwarding on "door to door" terms.
- International transportation by sea, rail, transshipment in ports.

Trading operations:

- Supply of coal, iron ore and other minerals according to your order
- Supply of agricultural products to order
- Fuel supply


- Development of minerals and raw materials deposits.
- Professional work on geological exploration, drilling, etc.
- Civil and industrial construction

Info-business and consulting
- Organization and support of WEB information products and online business.
Business structuring and support. (Organization and project management)
- Personnel consulting (formation of a specialized team for the implementation of projects in various business sectors)

We will develop optimal project options specifically for your order.

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