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Our company is a reliable partner in supporting investment projects in various segments of the economy!

The company's activities are related to the organization of a full range of services for attracting financing, risk assessment, preparing the necessary documents for external financing, crisis management, as well as promoting and managing projects in various areas of business.
Our team represents a number of investment companies and private investors from the USA, Panama, Holland, Spain, Great Britain, Cyprus and the Baltic countries.

The company has a large information base of potential counterparties in various regions and countries, as well as a professional team of specialists working in the field of investment and business consulting.

We help solve various problems of our clients and potential customers with high quality and in optimal time.

Our company is the initiator of the international project Partner Group Network, which is a network of independent professional investment and business consultants, investment lawyers, brokers, agents, project owners in various business sectors and investors in various regions of the world.

This network can be a specific tool for you in solving your business problems on an outsourcing basis.

                                   We offer 

Investment activities
Investment activities
Brokerage activities
Brokerage activities
Performing agent functions 
Performing agent functions 

We cooperate:

BAFI ltd - UK
SHABUS GROUP - Switzerland
AIDBR S.L - Spain
Mundo Offshore - Белиз , Panama
Baltic Audit - Latvia
Baltcap - Lithuania
Kylla - Netherlands

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Our tasks:

Search for financing, analysis of projects in transport, trade, energy, construction, IT and other business sectors. Expansion of portfolio and geography of activity.
Support of projects throughout the entire distance. Portfolio of projects over 10 billion / usd.

Opportunities for the customer:

Selection of the most promising projects for investment, options for purchasing an existing business or additional sources of financing. Outsourcing for packaging and project support at different stages of implementation, comprehensive project management, risk analysis, formation of a team of managing managers, financial control of the intended use of funds, legal support.

Our principles:

The company values and respects its employees, clients, and partners.
We are deeply convinced that respect is one of the three pillars (mutual understanding, mutual trust and mutual respect) on which success is built. If we do not respect our client, partner, employee, then we do not respect ourselves.
Of course, people, like companies, are all different, nothing is the same in our world, as a result of which everyone deserves different treatment, but we are of the opinion that there is no respect, no trust, no trust, no understanding, no understanding, no result, there is no result, no money, and since we are a commercial organization, without this principle we will only lose.
The company values its business reputation and high trust from employees, partners and clients of the company.
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish you success and prosperity to your business.
We do not work for you, but together with you!